Find Great Ideas to Organize Your Life and Home this Month

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Organization Ideas for the Month of September
September reels in the start of the new school year so what better time to get organized? Find convenience, style, and inspiration when you shop at The Marketplace East. You can get great household items at Bed Bath and Beyond, find helpful supplies at CVS Pharmacy, get great storage options at Kohl’s, and find stylish bathroom storage options at Ulta.

Get Organizational Materials at Bed Bath and Beyond

At Bed Bath and Beyond, you can find organization ideas to order and organize your toiletries, linen, and much more. Instead of spreading your makeup, bottles, and creams across your bathroom sink or dresser, why not try some stylish jars and bowls to keep these items organized and neat? Or try a pretty shelf to store and display your perfumes. Bed Bath and Beyond also has innovative solutions for space-saving storage ideas like vertical storage options for the shower, so stop by today to shop!

Grab Labels and Supplies at CVS

Part of being organized is clearing out clutter and feeling re-energized. Find the right organizational labels and supplies for your home or office. Come into our store to see what we have to offer to improve the productivity of your home or office space.

Get Stylish Storage Options at Kohls

You can find an incredible selection of storage ideas at Kohls. Keep your living space inspired and de-cluttered with the many stylish and trendy options they have available. You can color coordinate your file holders, desktop collections, drawer organizers, and even message boards and planners to suit your tastes. Kohls is where style and organization meet, so stop by today to develop your own unique style!

Get Stylish Bathroom Storage Options at Ulta

At Ulta Beauty, not only can you find all you need when it comes to perfumes, skincare products, and makeup, but there are also stylish bathroom storage options for you to choose from. Feel free to speak to any of the experts who can guide you in choosing the right product to suit your needs.

Get All your Shopping Done in Walnut, CA

All of these stores and more are conveniently located here at The Marketplace East in Walnut, CA, where you are sure to find great space saving ideas. We are situated near Chino and Pomona, CA, and would love to help you check off all the needs on your shopping list!

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