Going on a Spring Break Trip? Get Ready Here At The Marketplace East!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Taking a Flight on Spring Break Trip

The Marketplace East is the best location for shopping in Walnut, CA if you’re getting prepared for a trip over Spring Break. With everything you need under one roof, you can stock up on all your travel essentials and anything else you might need while you’re there.

Let’s take a look at some of the stores you’ll find at The Marketplace East:

Get a Great Phone Plan at T-Mobile

You don’t want to go anywhere without making sure you are connected on the go! Whether you are staying in the continental US or are going across the ocean, the T-Mobile store at The Marketplace East has great plans to give you enough data and call credit for your trip with affordable rates.

Get Travel Essentials at Ulta

If you’re taking a domestic or international flight, you’ll have to abide by the rules for carrying toiletries and liquids. At Ulta, you’ll find all the correctly sized products you need to make sure you get through security smoothly so that you can board your flight faster.

Get Your Pet Food at Petsmart

Petsmart has everything you need to keep your pets cared for and in perfect health. If you’re traveling, you’ll need to make sure you have enough food for your dog if they’re coming with you and Petsmart will have it covered. If you’re leaving your dog with a dog-sitter while you’re away on vacation, you’ll find some great toys and treats to keep your pet entertained in your absence.

Get Memory-Making Supplies at Michaels

Michaels is your one-stop-shop for everything to arts and crafts related. Whether you want to create something for a costume party or your own memorabilia to preserve the fun times from your vacation, Michaels will have all the supplies you need for your next project.

Get Spring Break Ready Clothes at Kohls

If it’s good quality clothing you need, Kohls at the Marketplace East in Walnut, CA is where you’ll find outfits for the whole family. Aside from a wide range of sportswear, outdoor gear, and formal clothing, Kohls also has an extensive home supplies section for other items ranging from yoga equipment to soft furnishings.

There’s All You Need in One Place at The Marketplace East in Walnut, CA!

Be sure to check out all The Marketplace East has to offer before hitting the road or air on your next trip.  Stock up on the essentials and treat yourself before you go, conveniently located in Walnut, CA!

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